The SBIG product line consists of thermoelectrically cooled CCD imaging cameras and accessories designed for a wide range of applications including astronomy, tricolor imaging, color photometry, spectroscopy, medical imaging, densitometry, chemiluminescence and epifluorescence imaging. Of special interest for astronomical imaging is our self-guiding filter wheels and adaptive optics accessories.

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STF Series »

Models STF-402M, STF-1603M, STF-3200M, STF-8300M, STF-8300C, STF-8050M, STF-8050C, STF-8050SC, STF-4070M, STF-4070C, and STF-4070SC. STF cameras have faster electronics and better cooling than the previous generation ST cameras.  
[Compare STF-8300 to the STT-8300

STT Series »

Models STT-1603, STT-3200 and STT-8300.  A medium sized camera platform offering uncompromised performance and integrated self-guiding CCD in front of the filters.   Reviewed in Sky & Telescope Magazine.
[Compare STT-8300 to the STF-8300]

STXL Series »

Models STXL-16200, STXL-11002M and STXL-6303E. Larger format CCDs including the popular 35mm format, 11 Megapixel KAI-1002M sensor, APS format 16 megapixel KAF-16200, and high QE KAF-6303E full frame sensor. Integrated self-guiding CCD in front of the filters.

STX Series »

Models STX-16803 and STX-9000.  Large area arrays including the 16 Megapixel KAF-16803 sensor. 

Specialty Cameras »

ST-i guider and planetary Camera, AllSky-340 Camera, SG-4 stand-alone "smart" autoguider, Seeing Monitor