The SBIG product line consists of thermoelectrically cooled CCD imaging cameras and accessories designed for a wide range of applications including astronomy, tricolor imaging, color photometry, spectroscopy, medical imaging, densitometry, chemiluminescence and epifluorescence imaging. Of special interest for astronomical imaging is our line of patented dual sensor, self-guiding cameras. We offer single sensor cameras for a variety of scientific and industrial applications. You will find a more detailed set of specifications with each camera description.

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STF Series »

Models STF-402M, STF-1603M, STF-3200M, STF-8300M, STF-8300C, STF-8050M, STF-8050C, STF-8050SC, STF-4070M, STF-4070C, and STF-4070SC. STF cameras have faster electronics and better cooling than the previous generation ST cameras.  
[Compare STF-8300 to the STT-8300

STT Series »

Models STT-1603, STT-3200 and STT-8300.  A medium sized camera platform offering uncompromised performance and integrated self-guiding CCD in front of the filters.   Reviewed in Sky & Telescope Magazine.
[Compare STT-8300 to the STF-8300]

STXL Series »

Models STXL-16200, STXL-11002M and STXL-6303E. Larger format CCDs including the popular 35mm format, 11 Megapixel KAI-1002M sensor, APS format 16 megapixel KAF-16200, and high QE KAF-6303E full frame sensor. Integrated self-guiding CCD in front of the filters.

STX Series »

Models STX-16803 and STX-9000.  Large area arrays including the 16 Megapixel KAF-16803 sensor. 

Specialty Cameras »

ST-i guider and planetary Camera, AllSky-340 Camera, SG-4 stand-alone "smart" autoguider, Seeing Monitor