Current Software

Windows Systems with 32/64 bit Drivers

SBIG Driver Checker

The SBIG Driver Checker installs and updates the drivers required to operate SBIG USB and Ethernet cameras on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.

  • Download the SBIG Driver Checker Installer

    Once the SBIG Driver Checker is installed, run it to install the drivers.  Also run it periodically to download the latest driver updates and install them.
    Important Note: If you need to update your camera firmware, we strongly recommend downloading the latest SBIG Driver Checker rather than using the Update button.  Some improvements have been made to the firmware installation process.

  • For software and drivers for out-of-production serial and parallel port based cameras, please visit our Software Archive page.


CCDOps Version 5

CCDOPS is a free program that operates USB based SBIG cameras.  

  • CCDOps Version 5 for Windows
    CCDOps for Windows includes PlanetMaster, Auto Grab, Color Grab, Dual-CCD View, AO Support, etc. In addition it includes tri-color and single shot color merge functions.

    Important: You should update your drivers anytime you update CCDOps.  Run the SBIG Driver Checker and click Update.
    View the Readme file describing recent changes to CCDOps.
    Download the CCDOps Version 5 Installer for Windows. 

  • For software and drivers for out-of-production serial and parallel port based cameras, please visit our Software Archive page


AllSky-340 Camera Software
The AllSky-340 Camera Software supports the KAI-340 based AllSky-340 Camera.

  • Download the AllSky-340 Software Installer


SG-4 Camera Software
The SG-4 Camera Software includes the SG-4 control software, ASCOM driver, and documentation.


  • CCDSharp is a stand-alone program for sharpening your SBIG and FITS format images using the Lucy-Richardson algorithm.
    Download the CCDSharp Installer [Version 1.14 Build 3].

  • FITS Converter is a programs that allows you to bulk convert SBIG format images into FITS format. These FITS images are created in compliance with the SBIG FITS Standard Extension which you can View here.
    Download the FITS Converter installer.
  • Ron Wodaski's Seeing Monitor Software
    Ron Wodaski has wriiten software for the Seeing Monitor.
    Download the Seeing Monitor software.
  • ST-i Spectrograph is a free analysis program for use with the ST-i Spectrograph.
    Instructions: Download the file and unzip the archive into a temporary directory. Once you have extracted all the setup files into a temporary directory run Setup.exe from the temporary directory to install the program.
    Download the ST-i Spectrograph software [Version 1.0]

  • ST-i Color Stacker Utility.  ST-i Color Stacker Utility lets you grade and stack a series of ST-i color images very easily.  It will also automatically stack and sharpen a series of color planetary images.  The software automatically loads each frame of the sequence, grade its sharpness, decide whether it is over the Sharpness Threshold or not, and, if it is, register and stack it.  The result can be a dramatic improvement in planetary detail over a single image.
    Download the ST-i Color Stacker Software installation files.
    Download sample Jupiter image files, installation instructions and program instructions

  • GPS Time Synch
    SBIG has recently added support for GPS-based absolute time to our CCDOPS program.  By capturing the moment when the timing updates and synching it with the PC’s high speed clock we obtain time resolution approaching 1 millisecond, with an absolute accuracy of around 10 to 100 milliseconds.  This feature may be found in the latest version of CCDOPS. 

Macintosh OS X Users

  • CCDOpsLite for OS X
    CCDOpsLite for OS X is a Universal Binary application that will run on both Intel or PowerPC based Macintosh computers.
    Download the CCDOpsLite for OS X Installer.
  • SBIG Drivers for OS X
    Download the SBIG Drivers for OS X Installer.

SBIG Software Developers Kit (Windows / Macintosh / Linux)


SBIG Software Archive

 SBIG Software Archive